Content for Social

Our feature content is tailored to appeal to humans, not just to appease search engines. Content that’s amusing, informative, exciting and new is far more shareable than content that isn’t, so we ensure that all of our feature articles hit at least one of these markers. Once it’s been produced, our engaging feature content can be expertly promoted on all the major social networks; there, it gets picked up by other users who share it with their contacts, who then spread it on to their contacts, and before you know it your article has a chance of going viral.

Powerful Marketing

With only six degrees separating you from the rest of the world, saying the right shareable things on your social networks takes you one step closer to an audience you’ve not reached before. Creating posts and statuses that promote your own unique website content will mean that when people share your content, they’ll also be sharing your name, brand and voice.

Stand out from the crowd

In a world where millions of tweets, Facebook posts and status updates are sent out each day, standing out from what the rest of the crowd is saying is important. With original and useful content shared through these social networks, people will notice that you’re not just another voice repeating the same things. The right content marketing strategy will see you in the position of a thought leader, setting the agenda rather than following it.