Content for Newsletters

Email campaigns and newsletters are essential to keep your brand front-of-mind and ensure that visitors have a reason to visit your site. But where a number of these fall down is in the content that’s included. Most newsletter open-rates typically see an open rate of around 10-20%, and the number of consumers clicking through to a website is even less than that. The reason for this is that for a number of people, an email campaign simply means yet another sales email in their inbox.

By using unique and engaging content that’s relevant to your audience rather than pushing out another sales email, they’ll start to engage with your brand much more. Instead of hitting ‘delete’ before reading what you’ve said, they will have a reason to look forward to hearing from you. Content marketing allows you to build a relationship with your audience by providing them with something that holds value, be it advice, information, humour or expertise. Because you’ve engaged with them in this way, using content marketing as the basis for your newsletters then means that your audience will be that much more forgiving and interested if you do then choose to occasionally send them a sales snippet.