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Our Content Marketing Packages

We can create a content marketing service to suit every ambition and budget, so if you’re looking for a flexible solution tailor-made to your needs, our modular content marketing packages will be the perfect solution.

Each element of our service is worth a set number of credits. You'll commit to a monthly credit investment and we'll then suggest which content marketing elements would best fit your needs. The more credits you purchase, the lower their individual cost, and the greater the results you'll see. Our credits approach means that you can alter your strategy from one month to the next depending on your needs without it costing anything extra.

Example Packages

Feature content News stories Super features Outreach SEO Cost
x1 x3 2
x2 x3 5
x5 x6 10
x6 x6 x1 ✔✔
2 x 2 hours per week
x12 x12 x3 ✔✔✔
3 x 2 hours per week

Our content marketing packages have been devised to bring you the most effective results. Each of them offers the chance to improve brand awareness and increase engagement with your potential customers and clients in order to build a loyal audience. The results are cumulative; with each progressive step-up to the next tier, you’ll see exponential growth in your consumer outreach.

We’re invested in building long-lasting and successful relationships with our clients. Because of this, we work hard at the outset to understand you and your clients. In order to build the foundations of your success, we undertake three key activities at the outset:

 1. Technical site review

Looking at the code behind your website, we make sure that it’s structured in a way that’s well understood by Google and other search engines. Without certain key aspects, your site may not be ranked as highly as it could be. Our search engine optimisation report will make important suggestions for simple fixes that could bring improved ranking results.

 2. User Interface Analysis

In this we study how visitors to your site will journey through it, outlining overall impression and making recommendations on wording, layout and design. We understand how difficult it can be to judge your own site with an unbiased eye, and our report will take a constructive approach to help you improve conversion, engagement and strategy. Where relevant, we’ll also study your activity across social networks too, formulating a strong base for all digital strategies.

 3. Content Marketing Strategy

As an essential part of what we do, your overall content marketing strategy will include a study of what your current competitors are doing and how you could gain a valuable edge over them in the online sphere. As part of the editorial process, we’ll work hard to understand where your consumers are coming from and what types of content they will best engage with. If you’re on a Features+ or Content Unlimited package, we’ll take this one step further to outline where we can pro-actively seed your content out to so you’ll reach an even wider audience.

We don’t believe in set-up fees for tasks that will allow us to perform our work more effectively, so each of these activities is completely free.

Don’t think you fit inside any of these boxes? Call us to discuss a more flexible package designed with your needs and budget in mind, or visit a free open workshop to find out more about the different activities you can do.