We create relevant, engaging and shareable feature content that drives your search marketing strategy

Crowdbait is the UK’s leading content marketing agency, focused on delivering genuine return on investment.

Headquartered in York with a second office in London, Crowdbait has grown from two people in 2011 to a strong team of writers, editors, social media experts, technical developers and marketing professionals.

We’re not a traditional SEO business trying to adapt into a content marketing agency. Content is where we started and it sits at the heart of everything we do. We believe that if the content a business publishes on its site is engaging, relevant and educational, the views of both human visitors and search engines will bear favourably upon it.

But we don’t just produce content. We work hard to build relationships across the web, offering your brand increased exposure to previously untapped audiences. Our people, and the tools they use, are best of breed and we are able to build strong links and traffic to your site via intelligent use of the content we create.

All of this is underpinned by our team of technical developers and search marketing analysts – ensuring that your website is in great shape to be ranked, and that the keywords and strategies being employed are absolutely the right ones.

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Flexible Pricing

We understand that every website, every project and every marketing budget is different. So we created our flexible Activity Credits system.

Each month your agreed spend is converted into credits. These can be redeemed against Feature Articles, News Stories or a range of other content types. They can also be spent on traditional SEO activities and outreach / quality link-building, which are important to include in your search marketing strategy.

We work with you to build a package that suits your needs and continually adapt your package over the life of our relationship, ensuring we can quickly exploit opportunities and build on successes. We make best use of your budget every single month.

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Few companies fully exploit the power of social media, suggests research

85% of FTSE 250 businesses fail to respond to customer enquiries sent via Twitter suggests new research published recently. What’s more, 64% of those who respond take longer than an hour to do so. This research offers findings that are  contrary to the belief that social media is becoming the most relevant channel of communication…

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Old-skool advertising meets social media marketing in McDonald’s campaign

Some people believe that traditional advertising techniques and social media marketing are incompatible – the two different audiences so dissimilar that, to paraphrase Rudyard Kipling, ‘never the twain shall meet.’ Clearly, no-one told the marketing department at fast food chain McDonald’s.   A press release from the company revealed that McDonald’s’ 51-year-old marketing mascot Ronald…

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Do the British rely too heavily on search engines?

Here at Crowdbait, the browser homepage on every team member’s computer is Google – not just because we constantly keep an eye on SEO for our clients but because we rely on the trusty search engine to tell us anything and everything we don’t already know. It would seem that we aren’t the only ones….

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